"ELENI P.", one of the largest preserved peramats (total length 22.20 m), built in Skiathos by the most famous shipbuilding family of the island, the Mytilinaios. Her registered breadth is 7.10 m, her registered depth 2.50 m, her gross tonnage 77.54 g and her girth 10.60 m. The ship, registered under the number Hydra 167, has a MERCEDES internal combustion engine 200 BHP. The construction of "ELENI P." was started in 1939 and was completed relatively quickly, but during the interwar period the hull remained out, so the ship became "bulbous", which eventually affected the capacity. "ELENI P." was finally launched in 1951, initially under the name "DIMITRIOS D.". Later she was renamed "GINA T." to be christened with her present name in the 1960s. The construction of the ship was carried out exclusively with manual tools and with techniques that had been used for centuries in the Aegean shipyards. The "Perama" type of ship is also the continuation of a tradition of Aegean ships that probably dates back to the early Byzantine centuries, according to some experts.





The traditional wooden boat ELENI P. was classified as a historically preserved monument under Ministerial Decision of Ministry of Culture/DILAP/G/2140/35244/12.7.1999 (Government Gazette 1579/16.8.1999) in accordance with the provisions of Law 1469/50. For this reason, a request has already been submitted to the Directorate of Recent Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage for the establishment of a five-member commission on the basis of No. 26 of Law 3028/2002 (under the regulation provided for by Law 4481/2017) to examine the condition of the vessel and propose measures to preserve its authenticity. Although the Commission does not make a decision to intervene on the vessel, it submits a reasoned conclusion to the Directorate of Recent Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage with its proposals and relevant photographic material. Its conclusion on repair or reconstruction will be included in the recommendation of the above-mentioned department of the YPPOA to the Central Council of Recent Monuments.

The supply of the historical island of Hydra in the post-war period with the "ELENI P." makes it undoubtedly a unique historical element of the last fifty years in the life of the island. "ELENI P." could be a living symbol of the recent history of Hydra, the period of the emergence of the first tourist islands and the first protected settlements in our country, among which Hydra certainly occupies the pre-eminence. In 2000, thanks to the efforts of the Historical Archaeological Museum of Hydra (IAMY), Eleni P. was transferred to Salamina to be conserved and made a floating annex of the museum. Since then, she has been lying in the shipyard of Koupetori, at the mercy of the weather, waiting for a solution. The wear and tear has completely destroyed this historic "Perama", the paint is cracked, the supports have bored into the sides of the hull, the keel is pitted, the beams are split and rotten, and the total collapse is now inevitable and very close.