The Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra (IAMY) in 1999, the year in which the traditional ship “ELENI P.” The archive collection was enriched with the archive of the ship “ELENI P.” (ABE 74 – AE Id. Coll. 27).

This archive includes all the official documents and books of the ship that it had to carry during its voyages, such as the nationality documents, the material book for the ship repair, the different release certificates for the load line, the protocols for the survey and the general ship inspection, etc. In addition, we received all the files containing the ship’s bills of lading from 1987 to 1992.

Since the day the ship was purchased by IAMY, a new file was opened with the title ‘Actions for the “ELENI P.”‘” which starts with the file ‘Actions for the “ELENI P.”‘ and begins with Lt. No. 15581/24-8-2001 Purchase Agreement for the vessel and with the Decision of the Ministry of Culture, DILAP/G/2140/35244/12-7-99, Government Gazette 1579/16.8.1999, by which the traditional vessel “ELENI P.” was declared by the Ministry of Culture (Central Council for Modern Monuments) to be a historical monument requiring special state protection in accordance with the provisions of Law 1469/50.2.

This includes all actions (applications, decisions, permits) for the towing of the ship in Salamina. The tireless efforts for the rescue and restoration of the traditional ship are reflected in the more than 60 letters sent by the IAMY service to the relevant authorities (ministers, deputy ministers, secretaries general mainly of the Ministry of Culture, but also of the Ministries of Education, Shipping, Aegean, etc.), as well as in the funding requests to prominent individuals and foundations of the country.

Finally, in the archive of the “ELENI P.”, which documents the arduous path of the restoration from beginning to end, there is the special file with the inclusion of the rescue and restoration program of the traditional ship ELENI P. in the NRDP “Competitiveness” of the Ministry of Development, as well as all relevant contracts with the Greek National Tourism Organization and the corresponding correspondence with the institutions involved.

Below are some of the most important documents from the contents of the file “FOR ELENI P.”