SaveWoodenBoats MR


Merge the real and digital worlds to explore the famous ship ELENI P. Interact with ancient tools and learn about advanced ship compartments of that era. Take a 3D interactive quiz for a fun learning experience. This page provides you a full guide on how to download and install your application to your HoloLens 2 device and test all SaveWoodenBoats MR scenes and features. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them thoroughly. The download file is the right side of the screen and it is available by clicking the button.


Download and extract the zip file

Unzip it in a folder so that the appx package files can be easily accessible for upload via device portal.

Open Hololens Device Portal via Web Browser

The web browser e.g. Edge, Chrome, etc can be used to directly interface with the hololens device. Make sure that the prerequisite steps are done to allow this, see below for more info. Microsoft Link The image below highlights the buttons to press to reach the upload/install dialog.

mr step1 guide install

Install Package Dependencies

Install the dependencies package from the dependencies folder that was extracted from the zip file in the first step. Choose the package in the ARM64 folder since this works for Hololens 2.

mr step2 guide install

Install Actual Package

After the dependencies are installed successfully. Install the main package using the same way. It can be found in the folder from the same extracted zip content as shown below.

mr step3 guide install

Run the application

Once installed successfully the Universal app will appear in the application list in the device as shown below. Run it accordingly and wait for the application to initialize.

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